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Medical Insurance

Health Coverage for Your

                                            Family's Physical and Financial Health

No matter where you are in life, Mike Fuller Insurance offers a variety of individual health benefit plans to fit your needs - and your budget. When you choose Mike Fuller Insurance, you can take comfort in knowing your trust is well placed. Providing you with quality health benefit options - and the security and peace of mind that brings you - is our primary goal.

Our individual health benefit plans offer affordable, comprehensive coverage. These plans are ideal if you:

* work for a company that doesn't offer health insurance,

* own your own business or work part-time,

* have just graduated college, or

* are simply looking for quality coverage at affordable prices. 


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Traditional Health Benefit Plans

Plans feature prescription drug coverage as well as access to doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who participate in the network. Typically these plans include office visit copays and copays for prescription drug coverage. 

High Deductible Health Benefit Plans

Plans are desigend to meet the federal requirements for use with a Health Savings Account (HSA). These high deductible health plans feature prescription drug coverage and office visit copays for wellness exams, including access to the doctors, hospitals and other health care providers in the network.   


Which Insurance Do I Need?
Much like home and auto insurance, health insurance is intended to provide for your family's financial security and can help bring peace of mind. Calculating the right amount of coverage to suit your situation can be difficult and depends on your personal goals and objectives. Contact us today at (888) 221-1270 for a personal quote.




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